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Founded in March 2016 by Dr. Eric Akuta and Dr. Edna Akuta, Christ Empire is the last half of the end time ministry that seeks out to snatch man from the fangs of the devil, establish them to live heaven on earth and prepare man to be partakers of heaven. It is a ministry founded on the pillar of Prayer, established in the WORD, and dwelling on Love. Christ Empire Seeks out to Win the Lost at Any Cost.

Born out of a prayer group that started with four adult members, Christ Empire has expanded to a ministry that touches lives all round the world as prescribed by scriptures (Mark 16:15).

Our mission is to recover the undirecred, redirect the misdirected and to empower the directed.

We believe in:

  • The God Head
  • The Holy Bible
  • Gifts of the Spirit
  • Baptism
  • Regardless of where you fit within the ministry of fellowship, we have a spot for you: You can choose one of the following groups:

  • Access Christian Network (ACN)
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Young Adults’ Ministry
  • Deborah Generation (DeGe)
  • Mighty Men Fellowership
  • Peter’s Boat
    • What is the denomination of your church ?
    • Ans: We are non-denominational church.

    • Q: What kinds of programs do you have for children ?
    • Ans: We offer age appropriate Sunday school classes with snacks.

    • Q: How does it require to become a member of the congregration ?
    • Ans: Just show up and worship with us. That's all.


    Building Spiritual and Strong Communities

    As a church we believe in bridging the gap between spirituality and community. As a result we are engaged numerous causes within the community. Whatever your passion, cause or belief, there is a place for you at our church.

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    Raised $ 1700 Goal $ 10,000


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    Come and join us. Come worship with us and experience the greatness of Christ within our midst as we continue to exhault his name by being thankful for all he has done for us.

    How we support for our members

    We are a small family with a common cause to worhsip and celebrate the one and almight Lord, while helping each other and our community around us. Please refer to one of the following groups for a cause you identify with:

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    There is nothing as fulfilling as serving the Lord and our community. We have several opportunities for leadershup amongst volunteers.

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